Saturday, June 30, 2012

Taking it easier

Now that we have moved in, we are trying to take it a little easier.  We are back to working normal hours, getting adjusted, and taking our time.  We have our whole lives to work on the house . . . if we finished, then what would we do??

Robert put solar shades in the upper windows.  Can you tell which window doesn't have one yet??  It's been a lot cooler since then.
 Robert also had someone come out and do a complete overhaul of our AC inside and out.  He took out all the coils and pressure washed them.  They had a lot of construction "muck" in them.  That has also helped cope with the 110 degree days.

I bought these barstools at Target today.  Nothing fancy, and just $50 each.  Atleast we can eat in the kitchen now.

 Robert installed the kitchen lights this week too.  It's SOO much brighter than the old track lighting (that only half worked), and it's more our style.

Here's the light over the sink.  It has an Edison bulb, so it's kinda cool . . . but the picture of it on didn't come out well.
 Added a clothes rod to the laundry room.  I like to take clothes right out of the dryer to hang them up . . . now I can.

See, we have already filled up the frig!!

We got an electric ice cream maker last night.  It's soooo nice to not have to mess with ice and rock salt, and it only takes 20 minutes to make.  You just have to freeze the canister before hand. 

 Robert is working on finishing the trim and crown molding in the entry way today.  (missed the crown molding in the pic.  Ooopss).  Hopefully we can get the bedroom and bathroom doors up tomorrow.
 See, we work real hard, and then get to take a nap.  Chili obviously works the hardest!
 I put up hooks in the bathroom for our towels.  Maybe they'll get hung up to dry now?
 I unpacked the closets this week.  I put all the hangers on the rod backwards.  As I do laundry, and replace them . . . they'll go back on the rod normally.  Next year, when I need to clean out my closet, I'll donate all the clothes that never got turned around!!
 Here's Robert's closet.  See how much room he doesn't get?!  LOL

Today, we got got up early.  I wanted to work on the yard before it got too hot, and Robert wanted to get up in the attic for the same reason.  I mowed and edged, and he started decking the attic so that he can get around up there and fix all the duct work.  He also put in one attic fan this week, but needs to get to the other side to put in another one.  We didn't have any.

I finally ordered a stove.  It's a coil because I wanted to be able to do my canning, and use my cast iron skillets . . and everything I read said you couldn't on a smooth top.  Plus this one was about a third of the cost of a smooth top.  Got it for $350, and it will be here next week. I think the stainless will look good with our other stainless appliances and our black counter tops.

Tomorrow, I need to start painting . . the bathroom or the kitchen, haven't decided which.  I think Robert is going to work on the living room ceiling.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kitchen Day

Ohhhhh, it was SO nice to sleep in our new house (even though I didn't sleep very good).  This house is just the PERFECT house for us in every way.  We couldn't be happier!!

So, today I decided to tackle the kitchen . . . and I completed it for the most part (don't have a stove, don't have lights installed, haven't finished painting, don't have a table . . . but all the boxes are gone!)

BTW . . .this post has LOTS of pictures!!  :)

Here's the aftermath of the kitchen unpacking.  The boxes are now broken down, and all the packing paper in trash bags.

The "bar" area . . .
 My cookbooks, Chili's meal station, and my purse drop off point . . .

 Plates, bowls, cups and glasses (the box with all my cheapo plastic cups is missing . . . so I guess I'll be buying replacements.
 Robert's vitamin station

 Trash Bags, bird seed, corn for the squirrels, and dish soap (right next to the dishwasher).  Dish towels in the drawer.

 Two junk drawers, ziplocs, and foil, wax paper, etc.

On the counter . . . knives, decor, can opener, candy, water kettle, and coffee maker (not in the picture).  In the drawers . . new silverware on left and knives, old silverware on right and straws.

 Pots and pans to the right of the stove.
 Pressure cooker and cutting boards under the stove.

On the counter . . . george foreman grill (on the left outside of picture), cookbook holder, bread maker, bottles, pig platter with bananas, toaster oven, bullet, salt and pepper, and utensil caddy.
In the cabinets . . . tupperware, measuring cups, strainers, protein drink mixers, bullet stuff.

 Spices and baking stuff. (there's the george foreman grill on the counter)
 More spices and decor above the cabinet.  Behind it is Robert's juicer and vases.  Above the oven is chips, cereal and sweets.

Grill utensils on the left (we need a new grill!), special utensils in the middle, and normal utensils on the right.

 Plates for the george forman grill, crockpot, waffle maker, blender, food processor, chip and dip tray (it goes back to the corner)

Cookie sheets, and muffin pans

 Frig . . . I kinda like it all empty like this.  We need it to be empty before we get MORE groceries.

 Freezer is REALLY empty! :)
 From top to bottom . . .

Peanut Butter, nutella, honey and breakfast bars
Nails, screws and chains (MY stuff)
Pasta and boxed potatoes
Canned carrots and green beans
More canned goods (Robert's)
Bisquick and muffin mix, waffle mix, syrup
Protein powder
 Extra water
Coffee pods
Mac and cheese and tuna fish
Drink mixes and garlic (LOL, only place left for it)
more coffee pods and sugar free syrup for coffee
hot chocolate, ovaltine and cider mix
Oils and more mac and cheese
salt and vinegar
Equal and tea

Swiffer clothes, paper towels, napkins, detergent, iron
 Cookbooks and a ton of paper work I need to week thru
 Here's what Robert finished today.  Doesn't it look GREAT!!  He's got so much more room now!  I need to weed out some of that Christmas stuff though and make more space on the shelves.

It's back to work for both of us tomorrow! SIGHHHH  But at least we can just come here and not have to go back to Mansfield.