Monday, November 05, 2012

Extra Long Sofa Table

Will add text later . . .



Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little Redecorating

Did a little this week.  Robert finished all the trim work in the guest bedroom, so we got to put the bed together, put curtains up, etc.  We also had the cleaning service come today to do the first deep clean.  They'll do another one in two weeks, and then they'll go on a regular schedule of cleaning.  It's soooo nice to REALLY have the house cleaned professionally.  They do such a better job than I can do. 

I also remembered that I had that old piece of glass from the rent house, so I moved it into the hobby room for Robert's desk.

 Here's the new curtains for the guest bedroom and the rest of the room all put together.  Now it's just waiting for Thanksgiving for everyone to come visit!!

 Also added a curtain/shower curtain to the bathtub in the guest bathroom.  I was hoping to rig up something so people could shower in there, but no dice.  Might have to get some professional help to get this fixed up.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Now, on to the front yard

So, on Monday I planted the Azaleas, mums, and begonias in the back yard flower bed, and hooked up the soaker hose.  Now that the backyard was (well, atleast the part that I'm doing THIS year), I needed to move on to the front yard.

I thought I had better "before pictures" of the front flower beds, but these are the only ones I could find.  They were SOOO much worse than this!  sigghhh

This is the rosemary and lavender that was on the right side, and it was SO overgrown, that when I tried it trim it back it looked awful . . . so it got yanked.  It was a LOT of rosemary.  Luckily, I saved the smaller one of the left side, so we still have rosemary.  The lavender is gone.  It had grown sideways from the rosemary crowding it, and just looked bad.  I may plant another one?
 Here's the overview of it.  Those holly trees are really pretty, and I love them . . .but I HATE them!!  The roots are crazy!  They are all over, and will sprout up everywhere.  The spouts are pushing all the border stones over.

Here is the flower bed by the front door, and I didn't change anything with this one since I took this picture, but you can kinda see how over grown the rosemary was.
 Here's the rosemary that got saved, but cut back a lot.  There was also another lavender by this rosemary that was crowded out, that I didn't save.

NOW, for the after pictures.  Here's the flower bed by the front door.  I haven't changed anything in this one, but the blue flower ground cover has really taken off.
 Here's the saved rosemary bush and the bird bath next to it.  

 Here's where the other rosemary bush was, plus LOTS and lots of grass, weeds, roots and random plants that were dead or dying.

The stone border was also falling over.  I had to reset most of it, and move it out a couple of inches around the tree because of all the roots.

Another angle of the bird bath (with a mosquito donut in it.)  I didn't fix the border on this side.  It wasn't too bad, and there are some ant beds on this side.  :(  Plus, I did the other side yesterday, and this side yesterday . . . and I was TIRED!
 Wide angle of the left side.
 Wide angle of the right side.
 So, now I need to decide what to plant.  I got a couple of weeks before I can plant anything.  First I need to put weed cloth down, then a BUNCH of dirt, then lay out some soaker/sprinkler hoses since we don't have a sprinkler system . . .THEN I'll be ready to plant.  I have about 100 bulbs (tulips and daffodils) that I'm going to put in the beds.  I need some stuff to stay in the beds permanently . . . I'm thinking nandina, but I'm not sure what else.  Any suggestions?  I don't want hedges.  I hate hedges. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Working in the yard

The latest project is the back yard.  After searching, and searching, and searching . . .finally found some patio furniture I LOVE (and can afford).  Bought the chairs, coffee table and love seat at Walmart for $198.  The two blue pillows on the chairs, the guy at Walmart just gave me . . . they actually went with another set, but there was only 2 instead of 4.  The two pillows on the loveseat, I got on Amazon for $30.  The ottoman I got from Pier One.  It was regularly $129, on sale for $69 . . . I asked if they'd take $49 for it, and they DID!  All the pots and plants came from Lowe's. 

 The side table was inside in the den, but since we are clearing out that room, and giving the furniture to Ian and Heather, this table found a new home.  I can keep gardening stuff in it. 

 I cleaned out the pool yesterday, and we struggled with covering it.  With the rain this morning, the cover has already collapsed.  I gotta find a way for the water to not settle, so that mosquitos don't breed??
 There was an old battery operated light on the left side of the doors that I couldn't get to work.  I took it down and put up these candle sconces that I had in my stash. I need to get some of those battery operated candles for them.
 I got plants yesterday too.  Azaleas, mums and begonias . . . but it's raining today.  As soon as it stops, I'll get this stuff planted.  Also bought a soaker hose and a timer.  I need to get that pinned down too.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The last box is unpacked!

Finally finished the unpacking this weekend.  No more boxes inside the house (there are still some in the garage we need to go thru).  So the hobby room and all my craft stuff was the last to get done.  I got a new printer, hooked up my Silhouette, and painted a board to go between the desk and the hutch for more desk space for me.  It's so nice to be able to sit there and look out the window.  Couldn't do that at the last house.
 I have all my craft punches in these red boxes . . .

 Here's a close up of the right side of the closet.  Yarn for crocheting, cards, albums, ink, ribbon, etc, etc

 Here's the left side . . . all kinds of stuff . . . canning jars, embellishments, paint brushes, idea books, 8x11 paper, 12x12 paper, jewelry making stuff, etc, etc . . .