Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My little drummer boy

Here's what it sounds like in his head (he JUST put them together, so he's still getting used to them) . . .

and here's what I'll hear (with headphones on). It's really not too bad . . . even better since it's across the house in the dining room, instead of across the hall from our bedroom!

He'll have plenty to do now while I go to my parents!! He'll be messing with them all weekend. So much for all the sleep he was going to be catching up on.

My Sacrifice

Well, I did it . . . sacrificed the dining room! Our dining room is now the "recording studio" . . . never really used it for dining anyway. I'm hoping that when I get home from my folks on Saturday, it looks a little MORE like a recording studio that the dumping grounds it is now.

In return for my sacrifice, the "hobby room" is now my "scrapbook room" again!! So, his dumping grounds is literally that . . . we just got his drums set up about an hour ago, and cleaned the hobby room out. My room is so PRETTY again . . .

This is the corner that used to be Robert's. All that's left is the lonely guitar to the left of the TV. Here's the other corner of my room . . .

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Well, the Grinch is gone now . . .

I wasn't going to put out anything, and do it all myself . . . but Robert threatened to go get one, and put it up himself. Didn't want to risk what that would look like! LOL Sooo . . . what did HE do? uhhhhh, well he helped get some boxes out of the shed, and he carried the tree in here. I didn't put all my stuff out, just about 60% of my stuff. It really is kinda a pain taking down on the normal stuff for just a couple weeks, and then putting it all back before someone calls you lazy cuz it's March, and you still have your Christmas stuff out! LOL Well, it's really pretty. I'm in here on my laptop, and where is Robert . . . uhhhh, in the bed napping. Glad he's enjoying the tree! hehe

Sunday, December 05, 2010

More old layouts . . .

Geeezzzzz . . . it was 10 years ago that I made these scrapbook pages!! These are all from my dad's side (Blanchet's and LeBlanc's)

Scrapbook pages from a couple of years ago . . .

Here's where I left off a couple of years ago . . . These are all from my mom's side (Wing's and Jepsen's)

Christmas "card" from 1915

It's more like a book, so I'm not sure if it was a gift, a book, or just a card. The back says "Lafayette Wing from Jessie Patterson -- Xmas 1915". Lafayette, or Lafe, was my mother's father's father (my great grandfather). He was born in 1900, so he would have been 15 . . . and Jessie was probably a girl that had a thing for him! haha



Inside (there are about 10 pages, but this was the prettiest):

My mother's mother's mother . . .

Found this letter when digging thru a trunk of old pictures and scrapbooks.

I think she left out some of her children is because they were already "of age" and could take care of themselves, unlike the younger children. Atleast I hope that's the case! I'm working on saving it all, and putting it into albums that future generations can enjoy. As I find other pictures of interest, I'll be sure to post.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Warmest Holiday Wishes

Just in time for Cyber Monday!

My laptop crashed. Was obviously on it all morning, setting up this blog . . . and then BLAM! I turned it off, and set it down . . . went into the hobby room, and decided to see if I could scan pictures, so went and got the laptop out of the bedroom. And it won't start! :( Robert took it apart, and got SOME forms of life out of it, but I think it's a door stop at this point. I've been having problems with it lately, and I think it was on it's 3rd hard drive restore anyway. It wouldn't hold a charge for more than 30 minutes! (which was really a pain to bring it from the bedroom to the hobby room anyway!)

So, lucky timing for me . . . Cyber Monday is here! Best Buy already had deals TODAY online. $379 for a Dell 15 inch laptop. I went to Best Buy to make sure that I liked it (Robert's is a Toshiba, and I hate it . . .it's what I'm using till Friday though!) And it holds a charge for 8 hours!! woohooo! So much for our Christmas money from the folks going in savings . . .well, technically, it WILL go in savings, to replenish what I just took out! LOL

No rules here!

So, since I'm sure I'm gonna have a TON of readers here . . . I'm gonna give myself a break. I'm just posting stuff . . . no lists of what I used, no links to where I got it, no concise descriptions of how I did it. Got a question?? Just ASK! I'll be happy to answer . . . but since I'm most likely just talking to myself on here, I'm gonna make it easy on myself!

Merry & Bright

Warmest Wishes


T time & You are tea'riffic


Thank You

You are seriously awesome


Let it Snow

Peace on Earth

WOW! Been awhile . . .

Guess I need to find a new blog background, and get rid of the easter/spring colors, and get this blog going again . . . ok, Christmas background set! Don't remember how to do all that digital title stuff, so it's BORING! I'm gonna just use this as a BLOG . . .duh! No restrictions, no picture a day . . . camera isn't even charged! LOL But, I do want to take a picture of the cards I've made recently, and I do want to blog about the heritage albums I'm gonna be working on soon. I'd like to post pictures here for family to see, maybe tell me who is IN the picture! haha Soooooo, stay tuned, more to come . . .