Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little Redecorating

Did a little this week.  Robert finished all the trim work in the guest bedroom, so we got to put the bed together, put curtains up, etc.  We also had the cleaning service come today to do the first deep clean.  They'll do another one in two weeks, and then they'll go on a regular schedule of cleaning.  It's soooo nice to REALLY have the house cleaned professionally.  They do such a better job than I can do. 

I also remembered that I had that old piece of glass from the rent house, so I moved it into the hobby room for Robert's desk.

 Here's the new curtains for the guest bedroom and the rest of the room all put together.  Now it's just waiting for Thanksgiving for everyone to come visit!!

 Also added a curtain/shower curtain to the bathtub in the guest bathroom.  I was hoping to rig up something so people could shower in there, but no dice.  Might have to get some professional help to get this fixed up.

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