Sunday, September 16, 2012

Working in the yard

The latest project is the back yard.  After searching, and searching, and searching . . .finally found some patio furniture I LOVE (and can afford).  Bought the chairs, coffee table and love seat at Walmart for $198.  The two blue pillows on the chairs, the guy at Walmart just gave me . . . they actually went with another set, but there was only 2 instead of 4.  The two pillows on the loveseat, I got on Amazon for $30.  The ottoman I got from Pier One.  It was regularly $129, on sale for $69 . . . I asked if they'd take $49 for it, and they DID!  All the pots and plants came from Lowe's. 

 The side table was inside in the den, but since we are clearing out that room, and giving the furniture to Ian and Heather, this table found a new home.  I can keep gardening stuff in it. 

 I cleaned out the pool yesterday, and we struggled with covering it.  With the rain this morning, the cover has already collapsed.  I gotta find a way for the water to not settle, so that mosquitos don't breed??
 There was an old battery operated light on the left side of the doors that I couldn't get to work.  I took it down and put up these candle sconces that I had in my stash. I need to get some of those battery operated candles for them.
 I got plants yesterday too.  Azaleas, mums and begonias . . . but it's raining today.  As soon as it stops, I'll get this stuff planted.  Also bought a soaker hose and a timer.  I need to get that pinned down too.

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